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A loud cry of painful agony followed and as soon as Natasha's feet had landed back Denis collapsed on the floor, both his hands between his legs. The girls really showed me they have some advantage over me. A century ago the park belonged to some Russian duke. In the shower room we started a playful fight. The pain was unbelievable.

Locktober 2019

Feeling Randy's Balls

Get our newsletter every Friday! If they would have been nude, the guys would envy them so bad. I kept my eyes greedily fixed on Mom's pussy. Suddenly, she fell to her knees in front of me and pushed down both my jeans and underpants to a position around my knees, exposing my upper thighs. I hardly understood everything Natasha was saying but one thing she undoubtedly was right - that was my envy. I guess it's very exciting for you to see yourself from side, to see your own balls hurt, to see the expression on your face, to see your little balls in pain and me laughing at you.

She Wants More - Part 3

Keep up the good work! I squeeze them harder and say some magical words. My thighs began to shake as she pinched the swollen cock- head very gently between her thumb and forefinger, exciting me with the feel of her soft leather glove. While continuing to stroke my dick, she cupped my scrotum in her hand and massaged my testicles. Natasha got some rope and we tied his hands on his back and his legs tight together. Randy was biting his cigar out of the side of his mouth as I approached the next morning.
Monday, September 30, Locktober My eyes were riveted upon the nasty looking syringe she held between her fingers. My sister stepped aside, letting her girlfriend get closer to me. Pulling up on the end of the necklace, she cinched it around at cuff-level again, letting the loose chain naturally come to rest between the rounded cleft marking where one mighty, meaty testicle met the other. Natasha pushed the play button and said, "You'd better take a seat. Looking back at her eyes, he froze, realizing that she had been watching him stare. It was amazingly firm and resilient to the touch.
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